Altab house to Joga Ganguly house under ward no-38. HOWRAH MUNICIPAL CORPORATION 4, MAHATMA GANDHI ROAD, HOWRAH-711 101 033 2638 3211/12/13 033 2641 0830 Visit us Lighting Department No.WB -HMC/NIT/ED-013/L/15-16 Dated: 01-08-2015 E-TENDER Separate sealed tenders are invited by the Assistant Engineer (Elec. (2nd Call), Repairing, overhauling and painting of M.S Bridge structure of raw water pipe line (1200 mm dia.) 40. Annual Maintenance Contract for all Computers & Printers for including Bally sub office, Belur Ward Office, Liluah Ward Office, Pathak para jol Tank and other Municipal hospitals and health unit. 03. (BEUP). capacity Split, Window & Ductable Lifting, Washing and Cleaning of Night Soil accumulated in septic tanks / any other public latrine / place on various Road, Lanes Bye Lanes, of the Land of HMC area by Cesspool Vehicle and uploading the same at BT ground for 1 year. Construction of cement concrete road at Satasi from Manu Kumar (Part B) Ward No-47. Supply of 45,000 pcs Mutation Form-2 (Saleable Form). WB-HMC/TN/ED/WS/24/20-21 [NIT], WB-HMC/TN/ED/WS/23/20-21 [NIT], TN/ED- 05/EE-II/BEUP/MPLAD/2020-2021 [NIT], WB-HMC/NIT/ED- 04/EE-II/BEUP/2020-2021 [NIT], TN/ED- 03/EE-II/BEUP/MPLAD/2020-2021 [NIT], HMC/BSO/I.T/08/2020-21 [NIT], 641 /CONS./20-21 [NIT], ED/CREMATORIUM/02/20-21 [NIT], ED/CREMATORIUM/03/20-21 [NIT], WB-HMC/TN/ED/S&D/18/2020-2021 [NIT], WB-HMC/TN/ED/S&D/15/2020-2021 [NIT], ED/02/EE-II/20-21 [NIT], HMC/BSO/MVD/V.I/02/2020-21 (2ND CALL) [NIT]. In a desperate bid to ensure water supply in Howrah town this summer, Howrah Municipal Corporation (HMC) has started boring 29 deep tube wells in added areas and other wards that are known to be dry zones within the core areas of the civic body. of covered garbage vat (1) Near Volleyball Math at Jagacha , (2) Opposite of Satasi Cricket Club in ward no 47 and Repairing and renovation work of 5 (five) nos. Cancellation of EOI of Rogi Sahayata Kendra in 6 SGHs & 1 SDH (New). Gate to Saradamoni Girls School, under ward no. State Tenders. Removal of carcass from different points with-in the area of Howrah Municipal Corporation (Ward no 1-50) and unload the same at Belgachia Trenching Ground of HMC.By suitable covered vehicle (approve by Govt.) Repairing and renovation work of six (6) nos. gate under ward no-38. Installation of Deep Tube Wells and allied works and Laying of HDPE pipes at various wards under HMC. Supply of 1500 nos two wheeled hand cart for garbage disposal under Howrah Municipal Corporation area (3rd Call). Howrah Tenders. Click on any howrah-municipal-corporation Tenders to view BOQ, NIT and Tender Documents. copy) and Cash Book (100 pcs) copy) and General ledger Book (100pcs) Sealed tenders are invited from the bona-fide suppliers for supply of eighteen specified articles for Casual Vagrant's Home, Howrah along with its different existing units for the current FY 2020-21 by the Manager, Casual Vagrant's Home, 120, Andul Road, Howrah-3 Repairing and renovation work of 3(Three) nos. Purchase of different Printing items to be used at Silver Jubilee Dispensary & Matri Sadan, a Health Unit of Howrah Municipal Corporation, Bally Sub-Office. Howrah Municipal Corporation(abbreviated as HMC) is a governmental body, that controls the civic infrastructure and administrative managements of Howrahcity, West Bengal, India. Coconut Broom, 370 pcs. Annual Maintenance Service contract Annual operation and maintenance of the underground reservior cum booster pumping station (UGR no - 6) at Bhattanagar, Liluah and maintenance of different dia valve inside the campus of said UGR including supply of all relevent accessories and equipments if require, Under Bally Sub Office. Repairing and renovation work of various covered garbage vat at 25 & 5 no. Laying 110mm water supply pipe line near Rabin Bera and Prodip Majhi (Ward No.-22) and Construction of cement concrete road at different Places under HMC. Find local municipal corporation tenders and other Tendering Authority tenders available in Howrah … Removal of carcass from different points with-in the area of Howrah Municipal Corporation (Ward no 1-50) and unload the same at Belgachia Trenching Ground of HMC.By suitable covered vehicle (approve by Govt.) Broom sticks 668 & Whistle 352 Pcs.) This civic administrative body administers an area of 63.55 square kilometres (24.54 sq mi) now. covered garbage vats (1) Asha Bari (Drainage Cannel Road ) , (2) Indian Machinery (Howrah Amta Road) , (3) K.N. Toto charge station at different location and New Installation of Demolished Trident Poles & Fittings, Led Street Lights & Mini High Mast Light Fittings within Durgapur Abhoy Nagar G.P.-I under Bally Jagacha Block, Howrah for AMPHAN Disaster. Annual Maintenance (Non-Comprehensive) of E-Governance Server cum Oracle Application & Database Server and Data Backup Management. Construction of a room for operator at Shibpur Burning Ghat under ward No-35, H.M.C. 8.5� X 13.5� contain 25 pages and green colour ledger paper 100gsm with hard board binding , page numbering and labelling (as, per specimen Adm.Approval No-COF/AA/2020-21-460 51 � 66 of HMC and to dispose the same in the Municipal Trenching Ground by suitably road-worthy covered vehicle. Tender No: 2020_MAD_294232_3 5 Nos. for Air Conditioning System E- cart cover for Conservancy Department of ward no 1-50 under Howrah Municipal Corporation for Covid 19.