I'm not proud of it. Those belong to my family! After helping with Ancestral Worship, Golldir can become a follower . What is the End Goal for the Excellent Follower? Nord If he can't be asked to follow, the Dragonborn should leave the tomb and he will be standing outside. Humanoid Followers. He will use two-handed weapons as well, although his skill level is lower than his one-handed. Talos, why didn't I go in with her? 17 synonyms of follower from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 44 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Golldir "I'll return my ancestors to Sovngarde, and you with them!" "Ah! He's gone in to defile our family tomb by using our ancestors for his filthy dark elf necromancy." Golldir is a Nord warrior found outside Hillgrund's Tomb. Agna once told me there is a secret room deeper in where they buried disgraced members of the family. Golldir does not set off the pressure plate to which he speaks of; this makes sense, as he is aware of its existence. Talos, why didn't I go in with her?" He is the only follower i have ever used. The ID should then be displayed in the top-center of the console. Mjoll the Lioness. Basic Info Probably just stick around here. Name of Follower: Method for Recruitment: ... Golldir is found inside Hillgrund's Tomb in Whiterun. The Best 'Skyrim' Followers, Their Benefits and How To Get In the Conditions tab, look for the condition where GetIsID is Mjoll. Saw some good game on my way here, and I'd like to stay close for a while." There are some Skyrim followers who are also trainers which gives you the unique opportunity to get some free training. Golldir can be found inside Hillgrund's Tomb where he asks for assistance to find and defeat the warlock Vals Veran . This shape-shifter can be intensely frustrating as a follower, but the payoff is well worth it. Gods only know how he's... defiling the bodies of my ancestors in there! She said that the bear would show the way...", "You've found it! By default, Golldir wears a full set of iron armor, excluding the hel… Beacon Version: This version adds a 'Beacon' which is an object located in the Riverwood trader, once picked up, you can place it in any follower's inventory or even a horse if you have the required mod. Those belong to my family!" At the Summit of Apocrypha: Confront Miraak at the summit of Apocryphaand defeat him once and for all. Please like and Subscribe for more helpful videos! This page was last modified on 26 August 2020, at 12:26. If you say goodbye to him, he will then thank you again: "Thanks again for your help. 000A7360 Check this quick guide of how to make your followers level in no time! You can also take the time to ask him if he cares about killing his ancestors, to which he will reply: "We're not killing them, they were already dead. He's in the tomb doing Gods know what with my dead relatives." I then installed on this 5th save Nether's Follower Framework, when I started up NFF, it showed Golldir listed as a Follower. He roams around the tomb of his ancestors and you can actually help him dispose of a necromancer who got inside it. 2015-11-22, 06:33 PM #6. ", "We should get after Vals Veran before he does more damage here. Synonyms: acolyte, adherent, convert… Antonyms: coryphaeus, leader… Find the right word. Find another word for follower. You can make her a permanent follower by either passing a persuasion check or successfully bribing her after completing "The Fate of the Skaal." If Golldir somehow dies after the quest, a, Golldir will tell the Dragonborn that his father locked him in Hillgrund's Tomb as a child. Golldir returns to his aunt and will be ready to aid the Dragonborn as a follower, as long as he survives the quest with the Dragonborn. We're helping them back to Sovngarde." Jenassa. Vilkas. This follower is obtained by discovering Hillgrund's Tomb, he'll be waiting inside. Just note that if you fast travel anywhere the followers inventory resets so make sure you take it back straight away. The Dragonborn can then ask him to join. Main problem is is cannot get another companion and its starting to piss me off considering I have put over 60 hours into this game. Before I move further, Ill list all of their reference IDs. Let's get in there and put an end to this." There are chances where the follower is stuck in a position, could be this or also in fighting stance. Aela the Huntress. 00019FE8. Golldir is a Nord warrior found outside Hillgrund's Tomb. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Started Threads Grunt Join Date Nov 2015 Posts 11. 3) Animals - Dogs and horses are in this category. Horses don't take part in any battles and the only exception to that rule is a horse named Shadowmere (more information on that animal can be found in the Hints chapter). And should you choose to do it, he will become a follower and help you back with any assistance that you might need in … If it does not and instead displays an error, you typed in the wrong ID.