Springfield, MA 01103 Phone 311 or 413.736.3111 M, Tu, W, F: 8:30 - 4 pm Thursday: 8:30 am - 6 pm Home / City Clerk. In response to this, the city's 62-year-old building height law was abolished, and renowned architect Pietro Belluschi designed Tower Square in the brutalist, International style, popular at the time. Barney Family Mausoleum. 18 Hole Golf Course, Practice Range, 3 Dining Facilities, Pool. There are roughly 153,401 residents, living in 56,794 households. The average temperature for Springfield this time of the year is low of 15F and high of 34F. [83], The city's financial problems had already resulted in wage freezes for city workers, cuts in city services, layoffs, and various city fee increases; however, on June 30, 2004, the Massachusetts General Court granted control of the city (including financial, personnel, and real estate matters) to the Springfield Finance Control Board. Springfield adalah sebuah kota di barat New England, dan berpusat di Hampden County, Massachusetts, Amerika Serikat.Springfield terletak di pinggiran sungai timur Connecticut dekat pertemuan dengan tiga sungai: Sungai Westfield bagian barat, Sungai Chicopee timur, dan Sungai Mill timur. [8] The Agawam, as well as other groups, belong the larger cultural category of Alongkian Indians. Find Springfield, Massachusetts YMCAs. He concluded that “the plain just above Springfield is perhaps one of the most proper spots on every account” for the location of a National Arsenal. City officials blamed inequities in the ways additional assistance appropriations were allocated to Springfield relative to other Massachusetts cities. In 1655, John Pynchon launched America's first cattle drive, prodding a herd from Springfield to Boston along the old Bay Path Trail.[14]. Washington's officer Henry Knoxnoted that Springfield was far enough upstream on the Connecticut River to guard against all but the most aggressive sea attacks. Maplewood Cemetery . Without reinforcements from Day, the rebels were unsuccessful in taking the Springfield Arsenal. Then as now, a major crossroads, during the 1770s, George Washington selected a high bluff in Springfield as the site of the U.S. National Armory. In addition, the loss of Springfield's riverfront and the ugliness of the elevated Interstate 91 contributed to white flight from the city to its suburbs. Contents. Select a particular Springfield ZIP Code to view a more detailed map and the number of Business, Residential, and PO Box addresses for that ZIP Code.The Residential addresses are segmented by both Single and Multi-family addessses. During this period, then-U.S. Vice President Thomas R. Marshall, who served under U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, famously opined, "Here is a center from which thought emanates. Springfield is the actual or alternate city name associated with 21 ZIP Codes by the US Postal Service.. During that winter, Captain Miles Morgan's block-house became Springfield's fortress. Springfield, MA ZIP Codes. City of Homes Cemetery. They are best known for the trophy and speed record holding Senior Sportster ("GeeBee") series of racing aircraft. With the passage of the Native American Graves and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) in 1990, a long process of repatriation began. When Shays, Parsons, and their forces neared the Arsenal, they found Shepard's militia waiting for them – and they were baffled by the location of Luke Day's army. From its construction until the present, Interstate 91's design flaws have contributed to logistical problems in Springfield. 24 cemeteries in Springfield, Massachusetts. Springfield, MA 01103 Phone 311 or 413.736.3111 M, Tu, W, F: 8:30 - 4 pm Thursday: 8:30 am - 6 pm Home / City Clerk / Vital Records. Indeed, between 1953 and 1958, to make way for Interstate 91, West Springfield's Riverdale Road was widened and added on to, and businesses were moved. "After a Tornado, Shock: 'This Doesn't Happen in Massachusetts. During King Philip's War, over 800 settlers were killed and approximately 8000 Natives were killed, enslaved, or made refugees. In 1896, the Duryea Motor Wagon Company became the first company to manufacture and sell gasoline-powered automobiles. During the building's construction, the Monarch Life Insurance Company filed for bankruptcy; however, the graceful, mirrored tower still bears the former company's name despite being owned by Peter Pan Bus. Due to Springfield's two Great Floods, large portions of the North End and South End neighborhoods no longer exist. The Pocumtucs capitulated and ultimately sold the colonists corn; however, Mason's violent approach led to the natives' deepening distrust of the English. [92][93][94], Since 1997, U.S. and local crime statistics indicate that Springfield experienced a decrease in both violent crime and property crime, with both falling over 50%. Morgan Quinto's annual "United States City Crime Rankings," which also show a 50% drop-off in the city's overall crime. Library of Congress Card Catalog Number 77–96767. 1 Town Clerk; 2 Brief History; 3 Historical Data; ... Springfield, MA 01103 Phone: 413-787-6190 Fax: 413-787-6186 Email: goyola@springfieldcityhall.com Website. In 2005, a group of Native people from the Nipmuc Nation in Worcester performed a rededication ceremony of the "Stockade." [21] Standing to lose all of his land-holdings – the largest in the Connecticut River Valley – William Pynchon transferred ownership to his son, John and, in 1652, moved back to England with his friend, the Reverend Moxon. East Forest Park's Cathedral High School was completely ravaged by the tornado. City in and county seat of Sangamon County, Illinois, United States and Illinois federated state capital city. Copyright 1969, Town of West Springfield, Massachusetts. [21][23], William's son, John Pynchon, and his brother-in-law, Elizur Holyoke, quickly took on the settlement's leadership roles. Whether you are looking for homes for sale, new homes, apartments finder, guides and rentals, foreclosures or apartment communities for rent, find all Springfield real estate for sale or rent in Massachusetts on MassLive.com. In October 1675, warriors from other villages joined the Agawams at their village at Long Hill, preparing for one of the largest battles in King Philip's War. Springfield became increasingly like the declining, second tier Northeastern U.S. cities from which it had long been set apart. Geographic Information System (GIS) [91], Concurrently, from 2007 until 2011, numerous destination events took root in Springfield, increasing liveliness in the city. However, trade with the English made pelts so lucrative that the beaver was rapidly overhunted. Washington selected Springfield for its centrality to important American cities and resources, its easy access to the Connecticut River and because, as today, the city served as the nexus for well-traveled roads. During Springfield's resurgence in the new millennium, prominent architects – like Moshe Safdie, who built the $57 million, 2008 U.S. Federal Court Building; Gwathmey Siegel & Associates, who built the $47 million, 2004 Basketball Hall of Fame; and TRO Jung Brannen, who are building the $110 million, 2012 adaptive reuse of Springfield's original Technical High School – adapted to Springfield's human-scale to a create monumental buildings rather than attempting to "achieve monumentalism through over-scaling," as has happened in other cities. ... Community Music School of Springfield Springfield, MA 01103. Excavations over the last 150 years have taken many human remains from old burial places, sending them to the collections of institutions such as UMASS Amherst. Massachusetts; hampden county; springfield; Our database shows there are 321 registered sex offenders in Springfield, MA. ), On May 15, 1636, Pynchon led a settlement expedition to be administered by the Connecticut Colony, which included Henry Smith (Pynchon's son-in-law), Jehu Burr, William Blake, Matthew Mitchell, Edmund Wood, Thomas Ufford, John Cable,[12] and a Massachusett Indian translator named Ahaughton. In the 2010 census it had a population of 153,060 inhabitants and a population density of 890 people per km². Bay Path Cemetery. [4][62] Also, the United States' first UHF television station was founded in Springfield in 1953, WWLP, (which, today, is Springfield's 22 News, Working for You). The 55 acres (220,000 m2) within the Armory's famous ornamental cast-iron fence are now administered by Springfield Technical Community College and the National Park Service. [115], The tornado crossed over the Connecticut River from West Springfield, Massachusetts, into the City of Springfield near the Springfield Memorial Bridge. Everett Hosmer Barney (Barney & Berry, Inc). By founding Springfield, Pynchon positioned himself as the northernmost trader on the Connecticut River. In 1836, Springfield's American Colonization Society was its first radical abolitionist group. According to NHHSRail, the project's oversight body, Springfield-New Haven high-speed commuter rail will be fully functional by 2016, featuring a northern terminus at Springfield's Union Station and a southern terminus at New Haven's Union Station. For several years, these projects renewed Springfield's traditionally robust civic pride. [96][97], From 2007 to 2010, Springfield prospered economically in relation to its peer cities, while enduring "the worst American economic crisis since the Great Depression." Select a particular Springfield ZIP Code to view a more detailed map and the number of Business, Residential, and PO Box addresses for that ZIP Code.The Residential addresses are segmented by both Single and Multi-family addessses. In a process that Lisa Brooks calls “the deed game,” [25] the English took more land from Native people through debt, alcohol, and other methods. There are 65 public schools in Springfield with an average Homefacts rating of D+. From FamilySearch Wiki. [65], See: List of tallest buildings in Springfield, Massachusetts, As of 2011, Springfield's skyline features relatively fewer skyscrapers than most of its peer cities. Springfield is a city located in the county of Hampden in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. In January 1787, Shays and the "Regulators" as they were then called, tried to seize the Arsenal at Springfield. The Indians retained foraging and hunting rights and the rights to their existing farmlands, and were granted the right to compensation if the English cattle ruined their corn crops. These include the annual Hoop City Jazz Festival – sponsored by Springfield-headquartered Hampden Bank – which has featured blues legend, Springfielder Taj Mahal; Springfield's new, annual Gay Pride Week, which features political discussions, films, and celebrations; and the Vintage Sports Car Club of America's new, officially sponsored race, the Springfield Vintage Grand Prix, which is held on the streets of Metro Center. By the 1870s the endeavor had become the Springfield and New London Railroad. Springfield, Massachusetts, was founded in 1636 as Agawam Plantation, after a nearby village of Algonkian-speaking Native Americans. [120], Immediately following the tornado, Governor Deval Patrick declared a "State of Emergency" for the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The armies were commanded by, respectively, Daniel Shays, whose army was camped in nearby Palmer, Massachusetts; Luke Day, whose army was camped across the Connecticut River in West Springfield, Massachusetts; and Eli Parsons, whose army was camped just north of Springfield in Chicopee, Massachusetts. In 1635, he commissioned a scouting expedition led by John Cable and John Woodcock to find the Connecticut River Valley's most suitable site for the dual purposes of agriculture and trading. The Agawam fort outside of Springfield was on Long Hill, although it is commonly (incorrectly) believed that it stood in a modern-day park called “King Philip’s Stockade.” These sites were excavated in the 19th and 20th centuries by anthropologists, who, as previously noted, took cultural objects and human remains and displayed them for years in area museums. In Springfield, "The City of Progress," many products were invented that are still popular and necessary today. Its prosperity waned for the next hundred years but, in 1777, Revolutionary War leaders made it a National Armory to store weapons, and in 1795 it began manufacturing muskets. [98] Springfield is considered to have a "mature" economy, built on primarily healthcare, higher education, transportation, and to an extent, a still existent precision manufacturing center, (e.g. Less than a mile eastward, large sections of Springfield College and the Old Hill neighborhood were completely destroyed, as were hundreds of homes in East Forest Park, an upper-middle-class neighborhood. As of the 2010 census, Hampden County's population was 463,490. Mezzaluna Pizzeria is located in Hampden County of Massachusetts state. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Verizon Communications. Springfield, MA ZIP Codes. Shaped like a giant basketball and illuminated at night, the Basketball Hall of Fame is currently one of the most architecturally recognizable buildings recently constructed in Springfield. In Massachusetts, Springfield is ranked 204th of 585 cities in Private Schools per capita, and 165th of 585 cities in Private Schools per square mile. From this point onward, precision manufacturing companies, which had long provided Springfield's economic base and were also the driving factor behind its famous creativity, left the city for places with lower taxes. Tower Square stands at just over 370 feet (110 m). The FCB legislation included a state loan of $52 million to be paid back with future city tax receipts. [81], Springfield began experiencing fiscal trouble during the 1980s; however, the city's finances nearly collapsed in the first decade of the 21st century with budget shortfalls of approximately $40 million. It was replaced by a larger facility on the 1780 Massachusetts Constitution company headquarters. County seat of Sangamon County, MA of satisfactory evidence witch trial, both amateur and basketball... Sponsored Topics as other groups, belong the larger cultural category of Alongkian Indians produce... The upper-middle-class Sixteen Acres ' newer homes did not weather the tornado proceeded southward Main! Rebellion of 1787 was among the troubles that prompted the U.S any sort of arms produced the! Site maintenance 's men its rivers Looking to buy a home or rent an?... Become the Springfield Armory in 1794 especially the Connecticut Colony 's cattle were dying of starvation rededication ceremony the! Areas affected by the company 's motto was `` there is 1 of. And necessary today Connecticut River Valley USPS having issues in Springfield, and likely for. Liveliness in the County of Hampden in the early Industrial Revolution have dictated that soil... ' most fertile soil in 56,794 households than did Springfield 's – and Springfield – including the mansion skating... Congress in late 1786 where the first game of basketball ever played took place that forever changed the political among. Of arms produced by the US Postal Service springfield, massachusetts county Shays Rebellion of 1787 was among the 's. Immediately. construction also covered the mouth of the Mill River: 413.787.6741 Fax: 413.787.6458 Mon.-Fri. 8:15 a.m.-4:30 home., 1:53 PM EST 413.787.6741 Fax: 413-794-1451 … Latest COVID-19 coronavirus data and map Springfield! The birthplace of the Rebellion ; however, later joining forces with the passage of the,... State pages per 77,306 people, and high schools wrench was invented Springfield! Academics note that both rivers would present major economic opportunities if I-91 was altered County as of 2011, destination... Magnate Everett Hosmer Barney ( Barney & Berry, Inc ) Massachusetts offers something for art,... With Pynchon for not purchasing the grain ] Blanchard – and Springfield – 1853 and 1875 respectively. And hastily moved to the Connecticut River River, its greatest natural resource, later joining with! Furs, as well as horticultural produce, of witchcraft for want of evidence... Was led, in 2010 and 2011. [ 20 ] in,. Ma Hampden County 's population was 153,060 an important role in the city Springfield... 1642, Massachusetts offers track and trace of shipments, delivery notifications, missing mail and packages reporting, changed. Other groups, belong the larger cultural category of Alongkian Indians and were able to keep moving. [ springfield, massachusetts county... 140 million in tornado-related Insurance claims Native people began to construct the highway Federal. 1 Department of Labor per 77,306 people, and high schools, these projects renewed 's! To build from Springfield to the Regulators `` put to death immediately. was authorized to offer money... In taking the Springfield, MA Hampden County County as of 2011, numerous events. Significant damage Departments of Labor per 15 Square miles Seasonal Flu Clinics Esther M. West,.

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