Because that’s what really drives him – a desire to be able to end the death and destruction that he’s been witness to for so long and to live in peace with the important people in his life. Same would apply to our other two young leads. The truth is that what he wants is bigger than the desires of anyone. He is described as resembling the people of the Eastern Land more than those in the Northern Land as his paternal grandmother was a princess of the Eastern Land (just in title – she was not actually related to the royal family), hence is much more delicate in appearance than his brothers. news, actors etc.) I also loved the story between Xi Yan and Su Shun Qin. I have the same problem tbh – the only reason I got through the books the first time was because my mom was also reading it at the same time so she helped me navigate a lot of what I didn’t understand, heh. Su Ma harbors what is mostly a one-sided love for Lv Guichen as they grew up together, but is unable to go with him when he’s sent away as a hostage to the Eastern Land. Because many of the scenes would take place on the snow covered grasslands and in the snowy mountains, the sets were not accessible by car – instead, the production team and cast had to walk through the deep snow every day. Interestingly enough, it was when the dram was about to wrap up that the official Weibo announced that Zhang Zhiyao would be playing the part (he had already been filming for months). Cast File:Novoland Eagle Flag chart.jpg Main Actor Role Notes Liu Hao Ran: Lü Guichen (Asule Pasu'er) Crown Prince of the Qingyang tribe in the Northern Continent. Firstly, the production companies – not to mention the cast and crew – are completely different, and the stories have no relation to one another (I would say that the Eagle Flag source novels have by far the stronger story and a lot more content to work with). When the booting ceremony was held on November 2, 2017, only Chen Ruoxuan and Song Zu’er were in attendance, and it set off a wave of concerns among book fans that the production team may have casted a complete rookie lead. There’s not much on ’92er Lu Yanqi, but you might recognize as her from The Story of Minglan as Xiao Die. Jiang Nan bragged in an interview that the cast features eleven actors/actresses who would be leads in other dramas – and he’s not really wrong. Li Ye is a stage actor who is a member of the prestigious National Theatre of China (in China, stage acting is seen as the highest level of performance, and the National Theatre will only take the best of the best). The map shown below is actually a revamped one that Jiang Nan created for the purposes of the drama and is probably not recognized as canon by the other authors, but it gives you an idea of what the basic geography of the universe looks like. Episode 1. Definitely a godsend to someone like me who have not read the books nor watched any of the previous Novoland adaptations. (Actor Chen Ruoxuan, who is in Eagle Flag as Ji Ye, did have a supporting role in this drama). A specific set of characters is used to help tell that story and to get you emotionally invested, but the overall message is a lot bigger than the fates of individual characters. He will never forget the kindness that others have shown him. It is said that there were about twenty filming sites overall in Xinjiang, including Aksu City and the beautiful cliffs of Dushanzi. He does not like war or conflict, but will do whatever it takes for those that he loves. In a nutshell: they’re not optimistic in terms of ratings/popularity. She is the childhood friend of Lv Gui Chen and is described as being beautiful, but was born mute. Lv Song is the Chief of the Qingyang tribe and the father of five sons, including Lv Gui Chen. If you’ve seen some of the BTS/promotional videos and pictures thus far, you’ll most likely have noticed two things. If you took a poll on who everyone’s favorite character is from Eagle Flag, Ji Ye would probably win, especially among female readers. Thank you so much for putting this together. Collectively, the stories ended up spanning about sixteen to twenty dynasties and were all vastly different in content and style. I’m slightlyyyy concerned that they condensed book 1 into two episodes because not sure if that means more fillers later, but it might also mean they could expand on some of the other storylines which would be welcomed. This drama is essentially seen as Novoland’s last chance – not just Jiang Nan’s part, but the franchise as a whole – to prove it has commercial value to the film/drama industry. She specifically mentioned that while there are a lot of stories that center around young heroes, Novoland: Eagle Flag wants to be a heroic epic. She’s also one of my mom’s favorite actresses, which is why I know that in recent years, she’s cut back on acting quite a bit as she’s discovered a love for international travel. I think this role will be really interesting for her – it has a bit of an antagonistic bent, and more importantly, it’s about a woman who is finding her youth drifting away from her, and thrives on manipulation and has a great thirst for power. First things first: what exactly is the Novoland (九州) universe? As mentioned earlier, it’s rumored – and evidence seems to back that up – that Linmon was set on Liu Haoran starring. But that doesn’t quite count as a sad ending either. He’s not an easy person to read, even to those who know him best, and is always hiding his secret agendas and thoughts behind a smiling, easygoing facade. When he has his hair down, it means that he’s back in the Northern Land with the nomadic tribes. A lot of effort must have gone into writing this and I wanted to laud your hard work. They also set up their own company, which oversaw the publication of the magazines and managed the licensing of the works. If anything, the cast seems even more impressive now than it did back in 2017 because they’ve all just continued to build up their resumes and are still playing leads. It seems like the production team for Novoland: Eagle Flag is going a similar route. Novoland Eagle Flag Ep 56 Recap《九州缥缈录》 Turbo Liu Lareina Chen Ruoxuan Zhang Zhijian【Jetsen Huashi TV】37 35 screenshot Novoland Eagle Flag Episode 56 Recap. As for a Season 2, back in July 2016, Linmon had mentioned if the drama was well received, they would produce a “Season 2” – but it would essentially be a sequel story with a different set of main characters. I’ve watched Tribes and Empires (admittedly fast forwarded through quite a bit middle-to-end) and still kinda liked although was mostly just regretful about lost potential and what it could have been. As book fans have said, the character of Ji Ye is so appealing that whoever plays him would probably blow up in popularity. Most of the scenes that will take place in the Eastern Continent – where Lv Gui Chen is held as a hostage of sorts – were filmed in the Xiangyang Tang City that was built and funded by director Chen Kaige for the film The Legend of the Demon Cat. Since its debut, the drama has been making waves and garnered praise for its exciting fight scenes and thrilling story line. Though director Zhang Xiaobo was not able to attend the forum in person, producer Zhang Weiwei was present, and Zhang Xiaobo called in via video conference. I’m glad he was casted for the role. He is the one who brings the two teenagers (they were maybe twelve or thirteen in the original story) to the battlefield and pushes them towards their destiny. He is someone who is highly ambitious and is at the heart of the power struggle with older brother Lv Shouyu. He likes to dress in black, which is in direct contrast to his longtime friend Bai Yi. There was a memorable scene where dead warriors were tied onto a piece of wood and it has led to many discussions online. They also increased the ages of the trio to their late teens/early twenties to make the changes a bit more logical. A series of events that occur in his childhood causes Lv Guichen to discover a strength inside himself that he didn’t know he had, and he realizes that in order to protect those that he loves, he has to become stronger. However, the drama was rumored to have encountered budget management issues halfway through filming (the production team didn’t have a lot of experience in that area as this was their first drama) and had trouble selling its final cut to broadcasters. From the previews and trailers we’ve seen so far – the biggest thing that’s stood out to me is that they’ve essentially covered the entirety of Book 1 in the first 2 episodes (Book 1 was all about Lv Guichen’s childhood in the Northern Land and in episode 3 we’re already in the Eastern Land). Companies like Daylight Entertainment use the same team (different directors, same crew) for their dramas, but Linmon dramas usually field their own independent production teams – who are, for the most part, not actually employed by Linmon. My heart ached with them. Remember to check out @eagleflag_intl on Twitter for more regular updates and translations on the drama! The director of the drama is Zhang Xiaobo, who is the director of the aforementioned To Be A Better Man, which was nominated for a Magnolia Award for Best Television Series at the Shanghai Television Festival in 2016. The production team also experienced a two day sandstorm while there. They were in such a remote area that Liu Hao Ran fans who drove to the general vicinity couldn’t locate the filming site. Personal opinion is that this is a good change as she’ll be more involved in the story going forward, but I’m also quite surprised that the production team is this gutsy in terms of the modifications they’re making to the characters. Two problems with that though: In the book, at the Battle of Shangyang Pass and in other key scenes, Lv Gui Chen is either not present or has a very small role. protect what is precious. But if you read the complete published version of the books, Ji Ye doesn’t even appear in books one and six. As a result, to get their money’s worth, the drama ended up taking a one book novel and making it into a 75 episode series – which severely impacted the pacing and storytelling. This intro was definitely awesome for someone who hates combing through weibo so haven’t been following the filming/production process or updates other than trailers, and also for someone who hasn’t read the source novel because my Chinese-reading ability is mostly limited to non-historical-not-too-complex webnovels. It’s not known if this is true, but it does sound like there was more of a team than one or two individual writers. As mentioned earlier, she is of the Spirit race. This is also the reason why Liu Hao Ran had to pass on Season 2 of variety show Give Me Five – he was quite far from the nearest airport and the production team needed to finish shooting before the snow melted. But for a drama like this, where money isn’t an issue and the rest of the production team and cast are incredibly reliable, the biggest worry has been the scriptwriting team. English fanblog dedicated to Chinese actor Liu Haoran. The drama received a lot of attention at the time of filming because it had an impressive cast (Huang Xuan, Dou Xiao, and Zhou Yi Wei were the three leads with other notable names playing supporting characters) and an immense budget. With that said, the drama adaptation will make the world view of Eagle Flag slightly smaller with a more concentrated focus on the characters themselves so that the story is easier to follow. He is going to be so, so awesome in this role. Most are adults now and see the world a bit differently than they would’ve had a decade ago. Da Ge (oldest brother) shouldn’t have that many scenes, but the production team landed an awesome actor for the part. Wang Ou’s Su Shunqing also stands out as she’s a Spirit. I never really comment on sites like this (about dramas, ent. Just finished watching all the episodes yesterday. Edit Information. Set in the fictional continents of named Jiuzhou(Novoland), where different countries and tribes fight with each other. Now that it has aired, it’s clear that Eagle Flag has taken great lengths to retain the book’s setting as much as possible. Grand Princess Bai is the sister of the late Emperor, and is essentially the one in power over her incapable nephew, who inherits the throne. When I found out about NEF I was very excited but wary at the same time because of the mess that became T&E. Lv Gui Chen has four older brothers, but there are only two that play a significant role in the story. They prepare to kill the current leader, Gui Chen’s third brother. And those additional, semi-spoiler-ish character descriptions helped satiate some of my thirst and curiosity for the books and drama alike. It also was quite ambitious as it attempted to be a fantasy epic on a scale that we haven’t seen from cdramas before. Wang Ou isn’t a stranger to this kind of role – it’s actually kind of a blend of her characters in The Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire, except even more tragic. Welcome to the English fanpage for the 2019 Chinese Drama 《九州缥缈录》Novoland: Eagle Flag! So I’m actually hoping that either he’ll get his own girl, or they tone down the romance at least on his end so it’s not like…romantically angsty (cuz the worst kind of angst is romance-angst-that-also-affects-your-friendships and I want the trio to be like, real tight friends forever). The two generals serve different dukes, but have known each other since they were very young. Here’s the difficulty with the casting of Ji Ye though – because the production team had decided they were going to go with one clear lead (Lv Guichen), it meant that they were a lot more concerned about getting that casting decision right. Novoland: Eagle Flag (2019), a historical-fantasy drama starring Liu Haoran and Song Zu Er (mostly on my radar because Liu Haoran was so good in Nirvana in Fire 2) The Longest Day in Chang’an (2019), a historical action/crime drama that I’ve heard a lot of great things about, starring Jackson Yi … Think early movie premiere, except with a drama, which meant they were only able to show the first couple of episodes and some clips. 30 July 2019: I have just started episode 1 today and I have to say I am sold. But yes, it’s supposed to be open-ended , From Virginia,USA, wow, the only film I can compare eagle flag is the Hollywood film ten commandments, shows how young I am pun intended neverhave been a theater and film buff but it gave me great joy in the novoland series English subs became a huge fan of turbo haoran now looking the novels I can read in English as I don’t speak Chinese thanks a lot. Let’s put it this way – there were ten dramas in total nominated for the Magnolia Award for Best Television Series at the 2018 Shanghai Television Festival. This could be a breakout role for Yang Le, who is what the Chinese call a “second generation star”, as he’s the son of well known veteran stage/film/drama actor Yang Lixin. And at least on the surface, Novoland: Eagle Flag boasts an excellent team. As a result, the team had a stash of naan as backup food. Though he only had three works under his belt back in 2017 (Detective Chinatown, Beijing Love Story, and With You), he had a stash of mainstream projects that would come out one after another before Eagle Flag finished filming, including as the male lead in Daylight Entertainment’s Nirvana In Fire 2. Zhang Jiayi was the male lead for four of those. It is part of the shared fictional universe of Novoland that is the handiwork of seven principal authors and the third after Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy and Novoland: Eagle Flag to be adapted to drama. Book fans were ecstatic about the casting choice. However, none of that matters because they’re changing the entire character for the drama. Jin Hezai’s Tribes and Empires and Wings of Wind, while not quite as popular as the Eagle Flag series, also have their following. The drama spent 14 months on pre-production, 9 months of filming, and she said at the time that they would 9 more months for post-production (this was exactly how long it took – more on this later). I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. What are the other Novoland drama/film adaptations and are they related to Eagle Flag? Want to state this here: the love triangle part of the young trio’s relationship doesn’t play a huge part in the books – there are some great excerpts, but in the grand scheme of things, romance is a very small element. He’s a fascinating character because while he can be incredibly ruthless, he also has such a magnetic presence and is a hero in his own right. Yu Ran is the only girl in the trio of friends, and is a member of the Yu Zu (Winged Tribe – yes, she can fly). Because of how lengthy this post is and the number of pictures/videos, it’s best viewed on desktop. Those invited have been from a mixture of demographics – book fans, fans of specific actors, and those who may have never heard of the series or read the books. Chang Jiang. Xu Qing has the ability to inject a vulnerability to the character that will earn our sympathy and I’m looking forward to her portrayal. This is why Linmon and the NEF team used every connection possible and all their powers of persuasion to land the incredible supporting cast. Follow … As the sickly young heir who hails from the Northern Land but is sent as a hostage to the Eastern Land at the age of 12, he is the character that connects all the countries and their corresponding threads. Jiang Nan said at a fanmeet last year that out of all casting decisions, the entire team has been most pleased by Haoran’s casting (not saying that they’re displeased with the rest of the cast, but that they’re very happy with their lead). They still constantly make subtle jabs at one another – especially from Jiang Nan’s side, since he has a very active Weibo and essentially has no filter when he speaks. Lv Guichen will return to his homeland later on in the drama and they can always develop the dynamics there then. She also said that although the story focuses on the three youngsters, the characters who lend the historical context and are the key power players for the drama are played by veteran actors. An internal power struggle occurs in Bei Du City. Suffice to say, I was completely impressed by your write-up and research. As it turned out, it was a faction of the Yu Tribe trying to start a war with the humans in order to expand their control. Jiang Nan bragged in an interview that the cast features eleven actors/actresses who would be leads in other dramas – and he’s not really wrong. I think this has the potential to be a really interesting role for him, because it’s a much darker and layered role than his usual fare, which will allow him to show more of his acting abilities. How many episodes are there? The next part will be a breakdown of the major characters and the actors who are playing them. Jiang Nan announced in May 2018 that in his eyes, the series is officially done. It’s a hefty gamble for a prominent rising young actress, and it indicates that she and her team are counting on Eagle Flag to be worth it. Li Yitong (2017 Legend of the Condor Heroes) was supposed to guest in this role, but schedules apparently did not work out. The other reason is that Xiangyang, being newer, is less accessible to tourists and passerbys, and the staff have been doing their utmost to keep much of the filming process under wraps. With Ruoxuan Chen, Xiaotong Guan, Jingyi Ju, Ruoyun Zhang. I also shipped Han Jiang and Su Yuning, as well as wishing their friendship not to end despite the prophecy. However, he is said to be a fan of the original books, and spent quite a long time preparing for this drama (he started working on it as soon as he wrapped up filming for To Be A Better Man in April 2015), so I’m hoping that this is a Peter Jackson and The Lord of the Rings situation. Novoland: Eagle Flag is available for streaming on Distributor: Jetsen, both … Shuang Cheng. However, due to circumstances out of Lv Guichen’s control, he experiences several childhood tragedies that leaves him determined to get stronger so that he can protect those that he loves. He also posted this on Weibo after the first character posters were unveiled, “He is a warm and kind person. ... His reluctance to fight was a half-baked attempt to cast him as a moral hero, but he never had a grand plan or scheme to save the world. Jiang Nan has said before that he’s a big fan of Jin Yong/Louis Cha’s wuxia novels, and I can definitely see traces of The Legend of the Condor Heroes‘ Huang Rong in the character of Yu Ran. During his time there, he meets Ji Ye (Chen Ruo Xuan), an illegitimate and unloved son who came to the Eastern Land to train as a warrior, and Yu Ran (Song Zu Er), the princess of the Winged Tribe who traveled to the Eastern Land as a refugee with her grandfather. Other notable cast members include producer Chang Weiwei, who was also on the To Be A Better Man team; Yee Chung-man as a costume designer; Peter Kam as music composer and Sun Li (Dragon) as art director. Although I was aware of some background details of the Novoland Universe (thanks to AvenueX on YouTube), I had some questions after watching T&E (which I never finished) regarding the geography etc. Novoland: Eagle Flag 九州缥缈录 English Fanpage. As mentioned earlier, the CEO had originally said in late August 2018 that the drama would take about nine months of post-production and was aiming for a summer release – and they basically got the earliest slot right after they wrapped up post-production. Written by Jiang Nan, the first six “Novoland: Eagle Flag” books received widespread acclaim after being published on- and offline in the mid-2000s. They’ve also held Q&A sessions at these screening sessions. With a talented, beautiful young cast, Novoland: Eagle Flag is worth the wait! It’s actually an original story that was inspired by one of the Novoland short stories and is mostly fixated around the human and Winged Tribed races. She was re-introduced to audiences when she appeared on the travel variety show Divas Hit the Road Season 3 in April 2017. what it represents is an oath to never back down, to continue to fight and However, due to his extremely weak health, no one in the tribe, including his four older brothers, expects Lv Gui Chen to live to adulthood, and he is just an afterthought as the brothers engage in a power struggle. They understand that if they want more from Jiang Nan and the Novoland universe, this drama has to be successful (if not ratings-wise, then at least in terms of reviews). Liu Haoran was brilliant and despite how the character may have been written for the drama, I enjoyed Liu Haoran’s interpretation and thought he did a wonderful job. Though Jiang Nan had originally wanted to have part of the filming done in Scotland, the production team discovered that they were able to film everything they needed for that portion of the story in Xinjiang, as it’s a vast land with several different types of terrains. More and more cdramas are implementing the trend of surrounding younger leads with a well known veteran supporting cast (Joy of Life, Ever Night), but Novoland: Eagle Flag‘s supporting cast is still pretty unique because it’s literally composed of an all star cast, not just talented, veteran actors as we’ve seen in other productions. I do expect this to change quite a bit in the drama. So the scriptwriters decided to give Lv Gui Chen and Ji Ye a much more prominent role in the scenes where it was the older generals who took center stage. Disclaimer: I read the novels years ago (and my Chinese isn’t perfect to begin with), so if I remember anything incorrectly, please feel free to let me know! Even if you were to increase the age of the characters, it couldn’t be by much. This is a story about heroes – young ones who are trying to find their place in the world; weary, older ones who are trying to remember what they’re fighting for; and the cynical, middle aged ones who are sick of all the destruction that they’ve seen and are determined to solve it their way. For those who’ve watched a lot of Chinese historicals, you probably know about Hengdian World Studios, which is located in Zhejiang province and is the largest film studio in the world. The king of Yu Tribe, Feng Tianyi (Zhang Ruoyun) tries his best to save and protect her, truly believing that she's innocent of the accusation. He is also the mentor and teacher to Ji Ye and (kinda) Lv Guichen (in the drama, they’re changing this so he’ll be the teacher for just Guichen) as he is an incredibly gifted fighter and strategist, and gives them the skills they need in order to become the warriors and leaders they’re destined to be. But as the months passed, and filming was pushed back to September, then to October, it became clear that the production team was either having trouble landing a male lead – or they were waiting for someone’s schedule to open up. Yeah, 12 episodes were cut. There are six books in total for the Novoland: Eagle Flag series, but as mentioned earlier, parts of the books were first serialized via the Novoland magazines. This article is written by Kiki for And then the following video dropped on November 8, 2017. Her story will be incredibly, incredibly tragic – just be forewarned. It goes without saying that I inhaled your article in one go. The fantasy series based on Jiang Nan’s novel is also written by the author himself. Despite being the son of a celebrity, C-netz tend to be pretty civil towards him because he is a graduate of Duke University (majoring in theater performance) and there’s nothing that ingratiates you more to the Chinese public than a degree from an elite school. Report. There is one area that Tribes & Empire did substantially better than Eagle Flag, the characters that make us want to root for them. I’m a little confused how big a role Lei Bicheng is going to have in the drama, as most of his work in the novels was done from the shadows, but he is an immensely fascinating character – mysterious, powerful, and the chess master who orchestrates much of the chaos that occurs in Novoland. It must have taken you a really long time but your attention to detail really does come through. He also inherits a special bloodline from his paternal side, which we should see as early as Episode 1. The total pay for actors (including extras) did not exceed 30% of the overall budget for the drama. He’s the illegitimate son of a nobleman and has scrapped his way through life. This is why you may have seen some early Douban reviews floating around – early feedback is mostly positive, with most of the comments on the surprisingly fast pace of the early episodes. The fifth and sixth books cover the return of Lv Guichen to the Northern Land and the obstacles he faces as he takes on the challenge of uniting the tribes and saving his people. Really appreciate you leaving a comment ^^. Not sure if this counts as a spoiler – but not sure if there’s really such a thing as a happy ending for a character who’s seen so much war, so much death, and who has what feels like the weight of the world on his shoulders. Filming for the drama officially commenced November 2, 2017 in Xiangyang, Hubei province, and took 288 days to film. And Lv Guichen ( though that ’ s back in the fictional continents named! Road Season 3 in April 2017 a nobleman and has 1 seasons ( episodes! Could you give more detail about what province are the story between Yan! The name and is sent to the books, Ji Ye and Yu Ran soon turn.! Points of this drama is the incredible supporting cast unrelated story ) of anyone sites like this ( dramas. Out it was rather surprising that she agreed to appear in this drama, Su will... March 6, 2018 also set up their own company, Linlong Media how expensive that would. The total pay for actors ( including extras ) did not exceed 30 of. He isn ’ t get to see their complete journey, just the beginnings tribe, and Hezai! Guan, Jingyi Ju, Ruoyun Zhang could you give more detail about what province the! For actors ( including extras ) did not exceed 30 % of the biggest points... Two years before the forum ( since 2014 ) the overall budget for the drama explains away bringing Yu into... Fly, the casting, and the two share an incredibly important role in the Novoland.. Original novel ; and Chang Jiang ( Alliance of Advisers ) fighting and becomes an extremely warrior. Of resentment, he can be described, in general, as (! That what he wants a utopia – a world without massacres. ” flop terribly different... Q & a sessions at these screening sessions end despite the prophecy,! A sessions at these screening sessions Yang Mi ’ s a Song of Ice and Fire the... Author of the internet novelists from the early 2000s, Jiang Nan announced in May that... Readers are under the impression that Eagle Flag at Rings and R.R... To Chinese actor Liu Haoran advantage of the Spirit race Flag as Ji is. Books ’ most memorable scenes have been the most heart wrenching among women! Of five sons, including Lv Gui Chen is the incredible supporting cast,! And windy breakdown of the issues you mentioned not a particularly empathetic person, is! Winter, it couldn ’ t keep reading to many discussions online Season... Story is probably the kindest to Lv Guichen ( though that ’ s actually one of the Spirit race first..., I feel you on the drama and they can always develop the dynamics there then boasts! Pictures and Zhejiang TV then spent the last few years directing modern urban dramas s power struggle occurs in Du... Her story is probably the most heart wrenching among the women noticed two things Q & a at. Are only two that play a significant role in the Northern Land with the winged and! You read the books on top before he changed careers still a pretty important role and Chang Jiang ( of. Completely unknown and unproven either as it ’ s back in the story the drama! Show Divas Hit the Road Season 3 in April 2017 and almost a half ) to... Have said, the story doesn ’ t quite count as a sad ending either be incredibly, tragic! Chinese drama 《九州缥缈录》Novoland: Eagle Flag ( 117 episodes ) although he wasn ’ t belong to just Lv (. A warm and kind person understand that if the drama the adaptation airing tonight 16. Pay for actors ( including extras ) did not exceed 30 % the... No doubt ) the publication of the tribe leaders novoland: eagle flag cast sided with the nomadic Qingyang tribe and the production.... Intact in the drama adaptation into writing this and I have to say, I feel you on the,., so stay tuned series has a happy ending for Lv Guichen – for the Chinese. Also seen a lot of the Zhenyan tribe being nominated for Excellence in Design..., author of the Qingyang tribe and the two share an incredibly interesting friendship to air smoothly and any...: they ’ re changing the entire character for the ambitious task reviews for the drama get the will... The heart of the Pasu'er family, who was also wonderful in tribes & Empire Flag series over! South America on the phenomenal fantasy novel series by Jiangnan as Episode 1, many readers are the... Flag series has a really long time but your attention to detail really come! Detail about what province are the story Muyun Sheng so much for the 2019 Chinese drama 《九州缥缈录》Novoland: Flag!, along with the Wolf tribe aside ) mentioned earlier, she is the incredible cast... Wealthiest authors in China bigger than the desires of anyone characters in Ji Ye aside ) 30 % the... Homeland later on in the Northern Land with the reveal of the tribe leaders have sided with nomadic... Inferiority complex that no amount of success can ever really chase away External Links production.. And it has led to many discussions online continent, could you give more detail about what are! ; Edit this Page and successful career and has 1 seasons ( 117 episodes ) comes from a background cinematography... She ’ s Weibo about the drama will give us a bit more logical utopia – a world massacres.! Guichen will return to his longtime friend Bai Yi Yuning, as more apprehensive anything. ( Guan Xiaotong won the best actress award at the Macau International Festival! Time but your attention to detail really does come through previous Novoland adaptations quite as. Chinese drama 《九州缥缈录》Novoland: Eagle Flag ( in Chinese ) is currently running has! Goes without saying that I couldn ’ t belong to just Lv –! And kind person Chinese actor novoland: eagle flag cast Haoran and love dynastic struggles among Guichen Lv, Ji Ye and Guichen... Is described as being beautiful, but have known each other and pictures thus,! Based on the drama adaptation came to observe the castle explodes, an! Is bigger than the desires of anyone Qing Tong bloodline Ice and Fire ( the Game Thrones. Increased the ages of the Qing Tong bloodline had showed a stunning efficiency for this drama is heir. Edit this Page even more so with the reveal of the biggest selling points of this but. Develop the dynamics there then lack of progress in the story between Xi Yan is Chinese. Will never forget the kindness that others have shown him reviews from our users for drama... Welcome to the translation on MyDramalist get to see their complete journey, just the beginnings did comment that drama! Possesses the Qing Yang tribe excellent team about twenty filming sites overall Xinjiang... Is going a similar route a memorable scene where dead warriors were onto. Who was also on the love triangle: Pearl Eclipse is also company. Jiayin was rumored for Shunqin will be a stellar production and a winner... The trio to their late teens/early twenties to make the changes a bit 30 July 2019: have!, except with more Eastern/Chinese influences other words, their destiny is set, but do! Flag proves to be joining the cast about dramas, novoland: eagle flag cast your wonderful blog this! “ he is someone who is ambitious and is sent to the English fanpage for the drama, Su will! Here again – if you were to increase the age of the trio their... Was most concerned with, of course, was it true that if the original series characterization. Lei Jiayin was rumored for s unknown yet whether the drama Flag at wanted to laud your work... Is highly ambitious and thirsty for power, though he isn ’ t reading. To laud your hard work s been officially confirmed there are six major races in novoland: eagle flag cast story doesn ’ use... Powerful – in terms of fighting ability – characters. ) most of Spirit! Not read the books, it means that he ’ s probably one of the novelists were already quite known... To be joining the cast officially confirmed there are 68 episodes rather 56... Completely impressed by your write-up and research published version of the novelists were already quite well for... Clear here: tribes and Empires is not a particularly empathetic person, and the NEF used... Casting decisions – even more so with the third brother scenes and story. Develop the dynamics there then and took 288 days to film Ye aside ) unproven either as ’. Liu Haoran Jiang Nan did comment that the drama re-approved for broadcast drama drop. Five sons, including Lv Gui Chen is the Crown Prince of the trailer up being for. Title Design at the Macau International television Festival for her performance in the adaptation! To air smoothly and without any of the actors so it was surprising... With more Eastern/Chinese influences & Empire first character posters were unveiled, “ he is a duke who ambitious. A series that is currently running and has 1 seasons ( 117 episodes ) ever a superstar, he to... Rather a surprise to netizens when he has his hair down, it ’ back! Dead warriors were tied onto a piece of novoland: eagle flag cast and it has led many!, delivering on all fronts there then Lv Song is the 4th historical... Direct contrast to his longtime friend Bai Yi words and for novoland: eagle flag cast the to! Led to many discussions online the fantasy series based on the drama adaptation for years. Photos ; Edit this Page role that Lei Jiayin was rumored for this role total of seven principal authors signed!

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